jew-bwa-ha-haHe returned to Canaan, but he found his people back to worship idols. Aaron older brother of Moses who was assigned to keep the Jews, the bank can not afford to “taste” them. “O son of my mother, why do you let them go back to worship idols?” ask Moses to Aaron.

by Rusdi Mathari
Aaron said to Moses, he is flat-out efforts to prevent and the Jewish people but it already can not be reminded again. He therefore delivered the apology to Moses and the request not to remove it in the teachings of Moses ties.

That is the disavowal of the Jews of Moses the first since they were freed by Moses from the colonial ruler Pharaoh King of Egypt to “the promised land” Canaan, now called Palestine. Exemption is going after the disaster stricken people of Egypt, 10 outbreaks of the death. Since then the Jews believe they are the elect of God although they include the fact that most hard-headed and stubborn.

Before the event the exemption, they ask Moses to show “kesaktian,”  miracles  many times so that they truly believe is the teachings of Moses, God’s teachings, the teachings of the truth. If he is not competent, they will still insist worship idols, the ancestor of their confidence. Moses agreed request them but certainly not because he afraid with the threat of the Jews. Because like other holy people, Moses is given a tendency to never afraid of anything. If he obeyed their request it is undoubtedly because he can not refuse the request.

In a history Moses became the only prophet who spent most of  “miracle” , signs are. Each time he finished showing signs, then confess to his people believe in the teachings of Moses, God is one. But not long, each time through the miracle of Moses is so long, they were broken again. So on.

In Islam,  miracles, sacred and so it should be understood as the gift of God to the prophets and certain people. Not necessarily, therefore, miracles then become the main reason someone believe in piety, prophethood, especially oneness of God. Futile and could even slip to syirik, if only to prophethood and also believes that one God, someone needs proof that are visible, such as signs or sacred. In some cases, the wise person categorize  it as lowering  faith and follyhumans.

Not Exercise, Not Resourceful
If the number of your order, there are three levels of human faith to God. First and most believe is the main without supplement of any kind when they hear and understand the teachings nation. They believe in prophethood and holy people, without going through the process as the Jews:  ask for evidence that in plain view, which can be witnessed.

Groups such as this is the man who have been used as the main group. Without believing in their heart condition, and only that enough. Umar son of Khattab, for example, believes prophethood of Muhammad, because just listening adiknya read the verses of holy book, Koran. Abu Bakr, Uthman son of Affan, and Ali son of Talib also so.

The second is to believe that after going through the process of dialectics. They do not necessarily believe but first think, discuss, exchange ideas. When they then justify rationally, at the time that they believe in God. Queen Balqis  including people who do this before she believe in King  Solomon‘s God, Allah wa zalla.

If only want Balqis, Solomon would not have any obstruction to show signs karamah God and witnessed to the birth Balqis. He is the Prophet of God given by the surplus, subjected the wind, talking with animals, the genie of the nation, the technology architecture. Balqis but never ask the Solomon and prefers to discuss and to understand and then believe in God.

Third is a group of people who always ask for proof. Hearts and closed their intellect to believe in God because of hubris. Because only the birth of their satisfied, too difficult to embed all the evidence they marvel at the heart and intellect. So when, for example, there are people who claim to prophet, confess people with the holy signs which indicate higher or more sophisticated, their hearts shall turn away quickly.

The Jews who always ask to show signs prophethood of Moses, including in this group: they believe seated, and then they turn right. This is the man who not only never use the heart, but also the most stupid man. Their brain may be the only smart but actually they do not have the human intellect.

So is the case is still a lie to say that there is, the Jews are human beings and the smart choice. Because to believe that one God only, they need evidence that can be seen the birth, such as those imbesil should always give guidance to. Reason and their heart is not even able to feel that God is the beginning and end, and do not appear to appear.

They were eloquent but deceptive. Their power mentally is always destructive. Their  instinct hatred. In the Gaza Strip Palestinians, their behavior can be witnessed with the eye without the need in plain view miracles as they were requested to the prophets, Moses and Aaron.